Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blurbs for Strawberry Fields

■-The stories are satirical and often heart-wrenching, Panch Velasquez, En Contacto

■-A very impressive and interesting first novel, Dr. Genaro Gonzalez, University of Texas at Pan American

■The short stories of Strawberry Fields are like beautiful and colorful blouses made of delicate chiffon------revealing, Jose Ramirez, Jr, author of Squint

■-The dramatic changes that do occur--especially within the protagonist--also reveal a truly American story, Susana de la Pena, Phd

■-Like Tomas Rivera, Chuy Ramirez uses his experiences (field laborer) and his talents to honor the cultural heritage of Mexican American migrants and the American Dream with “Strawberry Fields.”, Karen Tanguma, Phd

■-Strawberry Fields is a reflective reminiscence of Chicano life, providing a glimpse into Mexican-American—and Mexican—migrants interacting at home, in the fields, and along the roads that link them, Dr. John Hart, Boston University of Theology

■-A book to read, Strawberry Fields is candid in illustrating family dynamics in raw form., Mirta Espinola, MA

■-The author’s language in these final scenes and throughout the most critical scenes is poignantly vivid and sometimes heart-rending. Ramirez is deft with his descriptiveness, Dr. Thelma T. Reyna, author of The Heaven Weeps For Us

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