Monday, March 1, 2010

Author of SQUINT reviews Strawberry Fields

Mis comentarios son los siguientes: The short stories of Strawberry Fields are like beautiful and colorful blouses made of delicate chiffon------revealing. The stories reveal the compassion of a mother for her seven year old son who expresses anger for the family's poverty. The stories reveal the strengths and weaknesses of Joaquín's culture. The stories reveal the transformation of a young child becoming a man......a man appreciative of his raiz (roots). This is a book that crosses color and geographic boundaries. It is a book that will touch the soul of its reader.

I became part of the book as Mr. Ramirez described the unique things that many of us from South Texas can relate to, such as the use of talcum powder by our fathers after a shower, the reading of the Sunday paper in boxer shorts, the symphonic tunes of tortilla making, the discipline with a belt, the Saturday trips to Mexico, and the significance of going to "al norte" for married couples.

Thank you for allowing me to share my sentiments on this wonderful book. –Jose Ramirez Jr.

José Ramirez, Jr., a native of Laredo, Texas, was diagnosed with Hansen's disease, more commonly known as leprosy in 1968. He spent 7 years at the national leprosarium in Carville, Lousiana and was the first person allowed to attend LSU while still a patient at the facility. He is now a licensed social worker in Houston, Texas and has become an international advocate for persons affected by leprosy. The World Health Organization has utilized his expertise on stigma to develop guidelines addressing ways to lessen the discrimination so often directed at persons with disabilties. He has made hundreds of presentations on the topic of stigma, written many articles, featured in newspapers throughout the world, and published
Squint: My Journey with Leprosy.

Strawberry Fields quote-"Pan Dulce"


A quote from Strawberry Fields.

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