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The Narciso Martinez Cultural Arts Center

Chuy Ramirez

The Narciso Martinez Cultural Arts Center


Strawberry Fields

-a book of-

short stories


Chuy Ramirez

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

7:00 p.m.

225 E. Stenger

San Benito, Texas

Admission: $5.00

The intriguing novel, “Strawberry Fields,” features the migrant journeys, experiences, and memories of Joaquin, as an adolescent farm worker from South Texas . Similar to the migrant stories of Tomas Rivera, Chuy Ramirez entwines different aspects of Mexican American migrant history with a variety of fictional elements in the telling of his story. For instance, the author attempts to unravel the mystery of the strawberry fields’ murder by meticulously building suspense in the novel with a series of short stories.

The jingle “Grandfather Tree, grandfather tree, why don’t you tell your secrets to me” foreshadows the mystery behind the murder of Joaquin’s first intimate acquaintance (a blond migrant girl) and Joaquin’s upcoming self-reflective journey toward transformation into mainstream society and enlightenment about his own identity. Through a hero’s quests, Joaquin accepts the challenge to depart from his familiar surroundings of the courtroom and revisit the trials and tribulations of his past.

Chuy Ramirez ignites Joaquin’s passion to revisit his past and embrace his own heritage through his childhood memories, while creatively featuring them independently throughout the novel’s chapters. The novel opens with Joaquin nostalgically reflecting on his past and upcoming vacation to Michigan and Indiana . In its entirety, the novel reveals pivotal moments of Joaquin’s life in short stories, such as his first communion, his experiences salvaging and riding a tricycle, and his non chalaunt attitude toward burying his estranged father. In closing, the novel maintains suspense with the unsolved murder mystery. So, stay tune for a possible sequel!

Like Tomas Rivera, Chuy Ramirez uses his experiences and talents to honor the cultural heritage of Mexican American migrants and the American Dream with “Strawberry Fields.” Chuy Ramirez grew up in San Juan , Texas and is presently an attorney in McAllen Texas . He attended Pan American University in Edinburg Texas and the University of Texas Law School.

Reception/book signing to follow presentation. Info: 956-425-9552;

****Chuy would like to thank all that took part in this event.

Judee Koester Soendker, "It's Still Me!" graces the cover of Strawberry Fields, A Book of Short Stories

Local valley artist Mrs. Judee Koester Soendker had studied angels in the Raymondville cemetery for inspiration. She applied the paint to canvas and completed a compilation of twelve paintings called the Guardians. A versatile artist, Mrs. Soendker also lends her time and expertise to teach at Golden Palms Retirement and Health Center offereing classes and workshops. She has displayed her art in Raymondville, Texas and this February her painting, "It's Still Me!" graced the cover of Chuy Ramirez's book Strawberry Fields, A Book of Short Stories.

Mr. Ramirez noted, "The connection I felt to the painting would lead me to use it for the cover."

Strawberry Fields is available for purchase at Amazon.

Judee Soendker

Local Texas Authors to speak at South Texas College Mid-Valley Library

Two Local Texas Authors, Dr. Genaro Gonzalez & Chuy Ramirez will be featured at STC Mid-Valley Library Building E on Wednesday July 21st, 2010 at 6:30pm.

Genaro Gonzalez was born and raised in McAllen, Texas. He received his B.A. in psychology from Pomona College in Claremont, California and his Ph.D. in social psychology/personality from the University of California at Santa Cruz. He has taught at The Texas Governor's School at U.T. Austin, Wichita State University in Wichita, Kansas, and The University of the Americas in Puebla, Mexico. He is currently a Professor of Psychology at U.T.-Pan American.

Dr. Gonzalez has published four books of fiction: Rainbow's End, Only Sons, The Quixote Cult and A So-Called Vacation. His most recent collection of short stories, The Unearthing and Other Narratives, is currently under review for possible publication.

Chuy Ramirez is an attorney who practices law in McAllen, Texas and is a partner in the firm Ramirez & Guerrero, LLP. He is currently corporate legal counsel for a local south Texas bank, a Texas national bank with branches throughout South Texas and more recently in San Antonio. He grew up in the Rio Grande Valley and is no stranger to the strawberry fields, to which he traveled over the years with his family and thousands of families from South Texas.

Ramirez attended Pan American University at Edinburg, Texas and is a graduate of the University of Texas School of Law. At the law school, he served as Articles Editor for the International Law Journal and published a note entitled, “Altering the Policy of Neglect of Undocumented Immigration from South of the Border, Vol. 18 in 1983. Strawberry Fields is his first fictional work. Toy Soldiers, a young adult short story will be released soon. Ramirez lives in Texas with is wife of 39 years Aida, who is a retired public school teacher.

Strawberry Fields is available for purchase at Amazon.

Sout Texas College
Author Event
July 21st, 2010
Wednesday 6:30pm
Mid-Valley Library
Building E
Weslaco, Texas

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Strawberry Fields is available for purchase on Amazon.

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Works of Fiction:

Strawberry Fields, A Book of Short Stories

Toy Soldiers-to be released

Joaquin's Journey-to be released


Altering the Policy of Neglect of Undocumented Immigration from South of the Border, Vol. 18 in 1983

Igualada: Exploring The Gloria Anzaldua Link Between Powerlessness and Chicano/a Self-Expression



Chuy Ramirez at STC Pecan Library Campus