Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chuy Ramirez presents at the 2011 NACCS Tejas Regional Conference, McAllen Texas

Chuy will be participating in the NACCS conference this February. Please come out and support NACCS, local speakers and authors, South Texas College, and experience an amazing event!

Session 6: Building J 1-608, 3:15-4:30PM

Tapón y Gloria: Translating Experience into Poetry, Gender, and Life

Christopher Carmona, Texas A&M – College Station: “Practicing Palabras: Raúl Salinas, the Xicanindio Poet Redefines what it means to Beat”

Chuy Ramírez, Independent Scholar: “Igualada, An Essay: Exploring the Gloria Anzaldúa Link between Powerlessness and Chicana/o Self Expression”

Friday February 25th: 7:00 PM – McAllen Convention Center
Meet Authors and Book Signing: Begins at 9:00PM

Participating authors include: Maylei Blackwell, Norma E. Cantú, Margaret Dorsey, Laura Cortez García, María E. Cotera, Margaret Dorsey, Dionne Espinoza, Daniel Garcia Ordaz, Grisel Gómez Cano, Juan Antonio González, John Morán González, Katherine Hoerth, Thomas Kreneck, Ire‟ne Lara Silva, Lady Mariposa, Lara Medina, Manuel Medrano, Josie Méndez Negrete, Felicitas Núñez, Cynthia Orozco, Kamala Platt, Marco Portales, Catherine Ragland, Chuy Ramírez, Delia Rodríguez, Vicki Ruiz, Rhina Toruño Haensly, John J. Valadez, Javier Villarreal, and Emilio Zamora

Noche Cultural: Begins at 9:00PM, (Concurrent with Book signing session)

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Igualada: Exploring The Gloria Anzaldua Link Between Powerlessness and Chicano/a Self-Expression



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