Sunday, September 12, 2010

Chuy Ramirez descends on Longhorn Country "A Guest Speaker to CHLSA-Chicano and Hispanic Law Student Association"

First Texas Publishers

Immediate Release

(Austin, Texas) UT Law School – Ex, Chuy Ramirez will address the Chicano and Hispanic Law Students’ Association at UT Law School on Monday, September the 27th, at 11:30am at Townes Hall Room Number 3.125. Author will be signing books following the event.

Ramirez’s topic will be Counsel to the Corporate Entity, A Lot of Law and a Little Bit of Politics. He will also be reading brief excerpts from his book, Strawberry Fields, A Book of Short Stories, published earlier in the year by First Texas Publishers. A Class of 83’ UT law school grad, Chuy Ramirez, served as Articles Editor for the International Law Journal. He published a note entitled, “Altering the Policy of Neglect of Undocumented Immigration from South of the Border, Vol. 18 in 1983. In law school, Ramirez was an active participant in the Chicano Law Students Association, served as a director on the Legal Research Board, was invited to join the Criminal Law Journal, and initiated the publication of Rio Rojo newsletter, a student publication. He was also a semi-finalist in the Johnson –Swanson Mock trial competition.

Ramirez’ address will focus on the attorney’s ethical standards in representing both public governmental bodies and corporations. Currently, Ramirez’ practice focuses on commercial transactions and public finance. As a bond attorney, he has represented many governmental units in South Texas in connection with their issuance of tax-exempt bonds. He is currently corporate legal counsel for a local south Texas bank, a Texas national bank with branches throughout South Texas and in San Antonio.

Recent reviews of Ramirez’ book highlight Ramirez’s unique style and sensibility through the eyes of the adolescent main character, a successful attorney who reflects on his past through a reflexive journey. Boston University professor, Dr. John Hart, writes, “Strawberry Fields is a beautifully written, well-told tale of remembrance, reflection, and renewal. Strawberry Fields is a very important book for its insightful portrayal of Chicano culture, values, and hardships, of lingering impacts of racism and economic deprivation, and of continuing efforts by Chicanos to be accorded respect and dignity in the twenty-first century…and beyond.”

University of Texas Pan American professor, Dr. Genaro Gonzalez, an author of four novels himself writes, “Chuy Ramírez’ description of harvesting strawberries while living in a squalid labor camp is at once lyrical and sober. There is an adolescent’s sense of adventure on experiencing the world beyond his barrio, yet the wonder is tempered with a more mature portrayal of the hardships of camp life. He incorporates those experiences into the emotional crisis of Joaquín, now a successful attorney, who senses that his spiritual tumult is somehow linked to that long-ago summer.”

For more information regarding the association or this event contact the president of the Chicano and Hispanic Law Students’ Association, Jennifer A. Gillespie. She can be reached at

For more information on dates of upcoming events check out,, and FACEBOOK. To book this author you can also contact Mrs. Espinola at 210-394-1254.

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