Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Scholarship "I AM JOAQUIN"

First Texas Publishing Inc.
$400 Scholarship Top Prize
For a 7-10 page Essay

Compare and contrast Rodolfo (Corky) Gonzalez’s 1964 poem, “I Am Joaquin”, with Chuy Ramirez’s 2010 Strawberry Fields.

Writing the Essay:

1.Strawberry Fields is available for purchase on www.amazon.com, and www.firsttexaspublishers.com

2.Poem (I Am Joaquin) is attached;

3.Length of essay: recommended, at least 7-10 pages

4. Use APA style to cite all sources;

5.Cover Page including title, entry name, address, e-mail, & phone number.

6. Typed double-space;

7. Mail to: First Texas Publishers-Essay Scholarship Contest, PO BOX 181, San Juan, Texas 78589 or send digitally to ramirezbook@gmail.com;

8.If you have any questions please forward to mirta_espinola20@hotmail.com or ramirezbook@gmail.com. All questions and answers will be posted.

9.Deadline for Submission October 15, 2010;

10.1st prize: $400; 2nd prize: $200, plus a Barnes & Nobles Gift Card for $50; 3rd prize: $100, plus a Barnes & Nobles Gift Card $25

11. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize essays will be posted on the following sites: SF Facebook page, strawberryfieldsramirez.blogspot.com, and www.firsttexaspublishers.com,

12. No restrictions, but recommend that writers have some college course background.

Samples of Essay Topics: Writers are not limited to the following topics. These are just suggestions.

1.The extent to which Gonzalez and Ramirez follow or deviate from the traditional Mexican historical model for Chicanos in America? (for instance, is there such a “traditional model”? Describe it.)

2.Address to what extent the world for Gonzalez’ Joaquin character and Ramirez’ Joaquin character is a world full of “confusion” as opposed as to a world full of “complexity”. What is this “confusion”? What are the “complexities”?

3.Does Ramirez’ Joaquin character reject “modern society” as Gonzalez’ Joaquin character does? Or does he embrace it? How does Ramirez’ Joaquin deal with modern society as opposed to Gonzalez’ Joaquin?

4.In Gonzalez’ America do Chicanos have an effective choice? What about in Ramirez’ America? What are those choices, if any?

5.How important is Mexican pre-Columbian history to Gonzalez’ Joaquin. How about for

6.What roles do the Catholic Church, religion and the Bible play in the worlds of both Joaquin’s

7.What role does music (the corridos and ballads) play in Gonzalez work and Ramirez work?

8.Address the Machismo in Gonzalez’ and Ramirez’ works;

9.Address the role of women in Gonzalez and Ramirez’ works;

10.Do Gonzalez and Ramirez have a message of hope for Chicanos in America? Address in their works;

11.What credit to Mexican history-culture/Spanish history-culture do the writers attribute for any characteristics of chicanos in America?

12.Gonzalez uses the word “inferiority complex”; Ramirez uses both the “inferiority complex” and “the affliction”. What do these terms? And to what do they attribute the complex and how do they address/deal with it in their works?

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